Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Owls and Superheroes!

This past week we wished a very dear family farewell (but really more of a "catch ya later") as they moved away and onto their newest adventure.  We decided to make sure Miss E knew how much we loved her and wanted to send her off with a piece of us to take with her to cherish as much as we cherish her.  And so was born this awesome one-of-a-kind "Owl always love you" purse.  She put it over her shoulder immediately and wore it the rest of the night at her going away/birthday party.  I think she liked it.
A lot of love and TONS of Fun went into making this Purse!  It became a family affair as everyone had input on colors, design, layout and overall creation.

OWL Always Love You Purse - $30

In the sprit of "New Adventures" we decided to also create a Drawstring bag for Ms. E's Little Brother A.  A bag truly fit for any Superhero!  Created in a way where he can carry his things with him while fighting crime at the same time!  What 5 year old Superhero can resist that!

Batman Cape Drawstring Bag $20
(Just name your superhero!)

Now set off to your own adventures of crime fighting and remember Owl always love you!!!!


Any of these purses or bags can be custom created for you or your little ones.  Fabrics may vary

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