Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to Junior High

As our lazy summer days start thinning out and we begin our back-to-school craze, our little tween queen has been trying to squeeze in as many sleepovers and beach days as she possibly can!

This past weekend she had one of her closest friends over.  As usual around here, we managed to get into the fabric stash and see what we could come up with for her.  Her request was for something small enough to fit in her book bag or purse that could fit her lip gloss, maybe pencils and pens, and discreetly carry some other girly girl items.  I simply smiled at this request and knew INSTANTLY what I needed to make for this soon-to-be 7th grader!  She picked out the fabrics, we sat and drew out the design together and she spent the rest of the evening popping up by my sewing machine between games and you-tube music videos to watch the progress being made, all the while "Oohing" and "Ahhing" as I created away.  

It is the PERFECT size for all her needs.  I love the color combinations and the girly ruffle gives the bag a nice POP of color and texture.  The white and silver glitter buttons are layered and gives this wristlet some extra "Bling" and "Sparkle" to bring it alive.

The look on her face when she finally saw it finished was priceless!  
She LOVED it and started using it right away!

Good Luck in 7th grade, Sweetie!  I hope this year is as FABULOUS as you are!
<3 you,

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back-to-School Pack

I am really excited about this Back -to-School Pack!  Some of the basics you need to get you back to school in style!  All of these items are made in coordinating fabrics so that you have a complete matching set!

This set includes: Pencil Case, Small Notebook with Cover, Lunch Money Pouch, and Lanyard with Info Card.  

If you are anything like me when it comes to separating from your kids for any reason, you will understand where I'm coming from with this Lanyard!  Every year since the time my first born went off to pre-school (mind you, he's now heading to the Army) I have included all my and my husband's In Case of Emergency Contact Information in their book bags.  As they got older I simply would give them one each of our business cards to keep in their book bags for the year.  

The first week of school can be such a crazy, confusing time for our little ones...especially the little bitty ones from Pre-school to about 2nd or 3rd grade.  You have lunch numbers, bus numbers, and teacher's names to memorize just to survive the day!  My daughter has come home from the first day of school through out the years with a string of yarn and a piece of paper stapled to it with her bus number or lunch number on it.  This is what inspired the Lanyard with Info Card.  The card has spaces for all of the important info they need to survive the back-to-school craze!  

The front includes: Child's Name, Teacher's Name, Lunch Number, and Bus Number
The Back includes: Mom's Name, Mom's Phone #, Dad's Name, and Dad's Phone #

The small notebook and matching cover is made to fit inside your child's pencil case.  The notebook pictured here is measured at 6" x 4" and is the perfect size for writing down homework assignments and reminders.  The cover can be made to fit any size notebook to match the rest of the set.  The cover simply slips right over the notebook's original cover so that it can be changed easily should you need to change the notebook out for a new one.

Finally our little Lunch Money Pouch.  Measuring at 4 1/4" x 3 1/4" it is just small enough to carry in a purse or book bag without too much bulk and roomy enough to hold dollar bills and change.  It has a split ring attached to it so that you can hook it onto your child's book bag, purse, or even to the lanyard as shown above in the first picture.  I personally like the idea of hooking it to the lanyard for the little ones to ensure they don't lose it or forget on their way to lunch.

These can be made in Any color combo and can also be matched with any tote or purse listed on our blogs to form a complete matching set for back to school.  

To kick-off the last 20 days of summer vacation we will be offering this set at 20% off from August 1st to August 20th (since this is when our county schools officially go back to school).  

Special rates will apply for any Teachers that are interested in purchasing the Lanyards with Info Card for their class!  

Please message me for pricing and color combos.


Crossbody Swing Bag

This is one that I'm adding to my FAVORITES list!  (I know, I say they are all my favorite, but if it's something we are designing together and it comes out this great, how can it not be my favorite?)

This bag was made especially for my Tween Queen a couple of mornings ago.  It has a zippered top, a front pocket for quick and easy access to her cell phone, adjustable strap to grow with her, and is personalized with a funky frayed letter "J" just for her!  The straps are attached with spring hooks in case she doesn't want to where it and just wants to throw it in her beach bag or book bag or she can mix and match straps with her other purses.  The interior is lined with the same fabric as the pocket trim.  As soon as I decide on a fabric and color combo I will DEFINITELY be making one of these for myself!

As always, This can be made to order in any color combo or size!  


Pencil Cases

Getting ready for Back-To-School with these super-adorable Pencil Cases!  

These pencil cases measure at 8 1/4 x 5 1/4.  They can be made to order in any color combination and size!  
Message us for prices and color combos.


Make-Up Bags/Pencil Cases

Girly-Girl Make-up bags for the Diva in all of us!  

These can be made in a variety of  sizes & color combinations and could also be used as very unique pencil cases!  These bags measure at 7" x 4 1/2".

These bags turned out so cute that our Tween Queen is having such a hard time deciding which design to keep for herself!  (and this momma wants one too...hee hee)

Be sure to message us for prices and color combos


Diaper Cakes

There is nothing more wonderful than a baby on the way!  Our family is expecting TWO new babies in the fall (no, neither one of them is from me)!  Two of my sisters-in-law are expecting and are both due in the fall within a week of each other and we are super excited!!  This summer we had the baby shower for my newest little niece.  One of my all time favorite baby shower gifts has to be making a diaper cake!  My munchkin and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE making these special gifts!  It let's us get creative with colors and themes, and seriously, who the heck doesn't LOVE going shopping for all the adorable little baby stuff that's out there!  Below I have pictures posted of the cake I made for Momma L from different angles.  This one was LOADED with goodies! 

  Here's What's Inside:

Two Baby Rattles
One set of Baby Booties
One pair of Mittens
Brush and Comb Set
4 Soft Elastic Headbands
Travel Pack of Wipes with Case
Super Soft Baby Blanket
3 Onesies
Purse Shaped Teething Ring
2 Curly Ribbon Hair Bows
Dress with Bloomers Set
T-Shirt with Ruffled Leggings Set
Dress with Long Sleeve Onsie
Johnson's Take Along Pack:
(Travel Size Desitin)
(Body Wash)
and Finally 
42-Count Size 2 Diapers

These are also made to order and can be customized to match the nursery or made to any theme you like!
I can't wait to get started on my new little nephew's baby shower gift!!!  Oh the things I have planned!



This post is simply too cute for words!  As I tried to take pics of my Initial Wreath inspired by several wreaths I came across on Pinterest, we had a little visitor sneak in on the fun.  He is a cute little guy and has been hanging around all over our house!  I have found him hangin from the second floor windows, and my fave is when he pops up on the screened lanai to torment my dog.  I love him (and the wreath)!    

I wish you all a beautiful da....SQUIRREL!!


Two Little Birds....

This picture of my 2 matching little birds brings to my mind the song "Put Your Records On" by Corrine Bailey Rae.  I know, I know...the song says 3 little birds, but I can't help but sing along with "2 little birds, sit by my window....."  as I type this out.  These twins were made for a couple of friends that wanted matching bags and modeled the colors after another special order that was made a couple of months back.  I have to admit that the original owl bag was my favorite color combination.  When I was asked to make it in purple I had a hard time envisioning it in my mind in that color.  I'm glad I talked my mind's eye into going with the flow because the purple combo looks great and is obviously a popular choice!

Fly away home my little birdies....


Special Orders

I've been working away on some VERY special orders!  This special Owl Tote was made to order for my mom.  She was looking for a bag just the right size for her IPad and Day Planner for heading to and
from work.  It just happens that the mascot for the school she works for is none other than an Owl!  How appropriate!  This one is definitely on my Favorites list!  I love the Yellow and Gray color combo and the durable water resistant canvas makes a GREAT exterior for any bag carrying electronics and important
documents!  This design would make an awesome book bag for back to school or diaper bag for a mommy on the run!

The Peace Sign Crossbody Purse was a Birthday Gift for an AMAZINGLY Wonderful young lady.  One of my daughter's closest friends.  This one was a tough design as it was the first attempt we've made at making a perfectly round bag with a zipper closure.  I think with a little more practice it should be an easier design to achieve, but in the meantime this one will remain a One-of-a-Kind...just like the special girl it was created for!

This preppy little Owl purse was another special made goody.  We created and donated this one for the 2010-2011 school auction held at the school where my mother works.  I hope he found a happy little home out there!  

Please feel free to message me for pricing information or custom orders.  

Until next time my friends,

We Are Back!

Wow it has been a crazy couple of months behind us!  For those of you who don't know I am a Full time Realtor and Proud Mommy of 2 1/2!  (The 1/2 being my nephew that lives with us)  Needless to say I already carry a fully packed schedule AT ALL TIMES!!! 

We kicked off our Summer this year with our son's High School Graduation and enlistment into the U.S.Army!  I cannot believe how quickly his school years have come and gone!  Naturally, we threw a huge party to celebrate all of his hard work.  What a blast!  Family from all over Florida came to visit and my dad made a special trip from Germany just for the occasion!  It was very special to have both of my parents in attendance as well as so many of our extended family members and great friends!  So Many BEAUTIFUL memories were made!  LOVE IT!!!

My Aunt Edith of www.creationsbyedith.com , made us the most beautiful cake!  The statue is a keepsake that looks like it was made of fondant but is actually made of cold porcelain so that we can keep it forever.  The unveiling of the cake had to be one of the most special moments for me because she captured my son's spirit in a way that had us all in tears!  She is AMAZING!  If you haven't heard of cold porcelain you absolutely MUST stop by her website and facebook page.  Very creative stuff happening over there!

My Son's Very Special Graduation Cake!
 (That's supposed to be my son in his Cap and Gown, holding his Basketball and Army Helmet)

As the summer winds down I am finding myself with the tiniest little bit of free time to catch up on some quality time with my babies, my sewing machine, and you. I am looking forward to sharing all of our latest designs and stories with you all.  I hope your summer has been as exciting and full of fun as ours has!  



Hey you guys!  We're finally back!

It's been a busy summer!  It started when my girl scout troop and all the moms went to Epcot Cent.  It was my first time there!  The first place I went was Paris.  It's so beautiful I can't believe it!  I'm IN LOVE with Paris and me and my friend Abbey are going to live there for 1 year after we graduate!

My cousin Jazzy from Pensacola came over for a sleep over.  My mom took us shopping and Jazzy and I decided to act like models.  Jazzy also got to come with with us to my Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony where I bridged from Brownie to Juniors.  We got to go swimming and even got to learn how to drive a golf cart!

We have spent our summer at the beach, water parks, and having LOTS of sleep overs with my friends.  I'm having a great summer!  I hope you are too!

Your Tween Queen <3

Mom called us the Pint-Sized Fashionistas :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Custom Owl Always Love You Purse

Hello Everyone!  I am so excited to show off this custom Owl Always Love You Purse!  It's a bit bigger than the original so it has Tons of room for everything you need!  This one is also sporting an adjustable strap for convenience.  The fabric on the wings are probably my favorite part of this whole purse.  The bright threads used for the embroidered design give this bag an awesome burst of color.  I hope this little owl will be very happy in his new home!

Completed Special Order
2 Inside pockets

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine's Day!  In our house it turned into quite an event!  Every year I hand out little Valentine boxes of chocolate to my lovies and start their day off with a smile as they head out to school to share the love.  This year, they all decided to surprise me back with cards and chocolates from each one of them.  My Special Valentine of 13 years showered me in Chocolates, Roses (to be shared with our daughter, because no matter how old you are, a girl will always enjoy receiving flowers!) and a silly card that made us all laugh!  We topped off the evening with a quiet dinner out at the yummiest Japanese Restaurant in town!  Needless to say I was feeling the love!

Going out to dinner has become a rare occasion for us these days as our crazy-busy schedules just don't allow much time or energy to get dolled up and head out on the town.  Not only did this special evening allow us to enjoy a much needed date night, it also gave me the opportunity to use my newest handmade clutch that I'd been dying to take for a spin!



I absolutely love this clutch!  The neutral color allows it to go anywhere, the floral design on the inside is JUST girlie enough for me, and the latch closing gives it the finishing touch it needs to make the clutch feel store bought.  I made this particular one just for me, but can duplicate or personalize it easily.  

Wishing you all a Beautiful Day!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Aqua Seventy Six: DIY Valentine's Day Cards

This is so cute I had to share! This is a wonderfully creative Valentine's Day project to work on with your little ones! I love this idea Yvette...we may have to borrow the idea for our classmates :)


Aqua Seventy Six: DIY Valentine's Day Cards: My little mama wanted to make some special Valentine's Day cards for her new classmates this year. We came up with a super fun tutorial, so...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hey you guys!  Been busy with school.  So busy that I got HONOR  ROLL!!!!  I love the way the last two bags came out.  I'm trying to make a little teddy bear out of a sock I will tell you how that turns out.  Here is a tip...don't make the head too big for the body, and don't make the body to big for the head!  If you have any designs or things you want to see us make comment either on our Facebook page or our blog.

J~ your Tween Queen

Owls and Superheroes!

This past week we wished a very dear family farewell (but really more of a "catch ya later") as they moved away and onto their newest adventure.  We decided to make sure Miss E knew how much we loved her and wanted to send her off with a piece of us to take with her to cherish as much as we cherish her.  And so was born this awesome one-of-a-kind "Owl always love you" purse.  She put it over her shoulder immediately and wore it the rest of the night at her going away/birthday party.  I think she liked it.
A lot of love and TONS of Fun went into making this Purse!  It became a family affair as everyone had input on colors, design, layout and overall creation.

OWL Always Love You Purse - $30

In the sprit of "New Adventures" we decided to also create a Drawstring bag for Ms. E's Little Brother A.  A bag truly fit for any Superhero!  Created in a way where he can carry his things with him while fighting crime at the same time!  What 5 year old Superhero can resist that!

Batman Cape Drawstring Bag $20
(Just name your superhero!)

Now set off to your own adventures of crime fighting and remember Owl always love you!!!!


Any of these purses or bags can be custom created for you or your little ones.  Fabrics may vary

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Welcome 2012!

Welcome 2012!  Happy New Year to everyone!  I hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday Season!  Your Tween Queen and I have been busy little bees these last couple of months and are ready to start sharing our latest creations with you! 

This was our very first handbag.  It was made from an upcycled denim skirt that our little Tween Queen outgrew last season.

We took the leftover fabric from the bottom of the skirt to create the interior pockets.

We were so inspired after the Upcycled Denim Skirt Purse project that we decided we needed to create a matching Checkbook Wallet!

The interior of the checkbook wallet has pockets to hold not only your checkbook, but it has a pocket to hold all of your cash as well as four smaller pockets for your credit cards.  This was created with an upcycled pair of jeans and leftover fabric from the denim skirt purse.  Thrifty!

This Carry-All bag has pockets all around the extrior making it eay to throw your keys and cellphone in without losing it at the bottom of the bag.  I love the convenience of having the pockets on the outside.

This is the Carry-All Interior.  With all of the pockets in the inside there was no reason to add anymore to the inside.

Jenny's Pleated Bag.  We made this bag for my Sister-in-law for Christmas.  It is SUPER roomy standing 12" tall when sitting on it's bottom.  I've seen her using it so I think it was a hit :)

Here is the inside of Jenny's Pleated Bag.  It has 2 pockets on one side to hold a cell phone and I-pod, and a pocket on the opposite side large enough for a wallet or keys.

Yvette's Pleated Bag.  This one was made for my sister for Christmas.  We made the Pleated Bags in Everyone's favorite colors to make them unique to fit their style.  This fabric just says beach to me...LOVE IT!

..and finally the Teacher's Pet Bag!  We made this bag for our Tween Queen's teacher.  It is modeled after our Carry-All Bag, but with the fabric every teacher can appreciate.  According to the teacher, her puppy has found a new home in this bag...I may have to make another special one for her little pooch to cozy up in.

We are working hard to come up with some more designs and accessories to add to our shop.  Please feel free to inbox us if you'd like any of these designs in different colors or styles.  As with any handmade product, they will all be unique in design, fabric, color, etc.  We are having a lot of fun creating together and look forward to working with you!

Until next time,