Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back-to-School Pack

I am really excited about this Back -to-School Pack!  Some of the basics you need to get you back to school in style!  All of these items are made in coordinating fabrics so that you have a complete matching set!

This set includes: Pencil Case, Small Notebook with Cover, Lunch Money Pouch, and Lanyard with Info Card.  

If you are anything like me when it comes to separating from your kids for any reason, you will understand where I'm coming from with this Lanyard!  Every year since the time my first born went off to pre-school (mind you, he's now heading to the Army) I have included all my and my husband's In Case of Emergency Contact Information in their book bags.  As they got older I simply would give them one each of our business cards to keep in their book bags for the year.  

The first week of school can be such a crazy, confusing time for our little ones...especially the little bitty ones from Pre-school to about 2nd or 3rd grade.  You have lunch numbers, bus numbers, and teacher's names to memorize just to survive the day!  My daughter has come home from the first day of school through out the years with a string of yarn and a piece of paper stapled to it with her bus number or lunch number on it.  This is what inspired the Lanyard with Info Card.  The card has spaces for all of the important info they need to survive the back-to-school craze!  

The front includes: Child's Name, Teacher's Name, Lunch Number, and Bus Number
The Back includes: Mom's Name, Mom's Phone #, Dad's Name, and Dad's Phone #

The small notebook and matching cover is made to fit inside your child's pencil case.  The notebook pictured here is measured at 6" x 4" and is the perfect size for writing down homework assignments and reminders.  The cover can be made to fit any size notebook to match the rest of the set.  The cover simply slips right over the notebook's original cover so that it can be changed easily should you need to change the notebook out for a new one.

Finally our little Lunch Money Pouch.  Measuring at 4 1/4" x 3 1/4" it is just small enough to carry in a purse or book bag without too much bulk and roomy enough to hold dollar bills and change.  It has a split ring attached to it so that you can hook it onto your child's book bag, purse, or even to the lanyard as shown above in the first picture.  I personally like the idea of hooking it to the lanyard for the little ones to ensure they don't lose it or forget on their way to lunch.

These can be made in Any color combo and can also be matched with any tote or purse listed on our blogs to form a complete matching set for back to school.  

To kick-off the last 20 days of summer vacation we will be offering this set at 20% off from August 1st to August 20th (since this is when our county schools officially go back to school).  

Special rates will apply for any Teachers that are interested in purchasing the Lanyards with Info Card for their class!  

Please message me for pricing and color combos.


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