Thursday, August 2, 2012

Special Orders

I've been working away on some VERY special orders!  This special Owl Tote was made to order for my mom.  She was looking for a bag just the right size for her IPad and Day Planner for heading to and
from work.  It just happens that the mascot for the school she works for is none other than an Owl!  How appropriate!  This one is definitely on my Favorites list!  I love the Yellow and Gray color combo and the durable water resistant canvas makes a GREAT exterior for any bag carrying electronics and important
documents!  This design would make an awesome book bag for back to school or diaper bag for a mommy on the run!

The Peace Sign Crossbody Purse was a Birthday Gift for an AMAZINGLY Wonderful young lady.  One of my daughter's closest friends.  This one was a tough design as it was the first attempt we've made at making a perfectly round bag with a zipper closure.  I think with a little more practice it should be an easier design to achieve, but in the meantime this one will remain a One-of-a-Kind...just like the special girl it was created for!

This preppy little Owl purse was another special made goody.  We created and donated this one for the 2010-2011 school auction held at the school where my mother works.  I hope he found a happy little home out there!  

Please feel free to message me for pricing information or custom orders.  

Until next time my friends,

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