Thursday, August 2, 2012


Hey you guys!  We're finally back!

It's been a busy summer!  It started when my girl scout troop and all the moms went to Epcot Cent.  It was my first time there!  The first place I went was Paris.  It's so beautiful I can't believe it!  I'm IN LOVE with Paris and me and my friend Abbey are going to live there for 1 year after we graduate!

My cousin Jazzy from Pensacola came over for a sleep over.  My mom took us shopping and Jazzy and I decided to act like models.  Jazzy also got to come with with us to my Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony where I bridged from Brownie to Juniors.  We got to go swimming and even got to learn how to drive a golf cart!

We have spent our summer at the beach, water parks, and having LOTS of sleep overs with my friends.  I'm having a great summer!  I hope you are too!

Your Tween Queen <3

Mom called us the Pint-Sized Fashionistas :)

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