Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to Junior High

As our lazy summer days start thinning out and we begin our back-to-school craze, our little tween queen has been trying to squeeze in as many sleepovers and beach days as she possibly can!

This past weekend she had one of her closest friends over.  As usual around here, we managed to get into the fabric stash and see what we could come up with for her.  Her request was for something small enough to fit in her book bag or purse that could fit her lip gloss, maybe pencils and pens, and discreetly carry some other girly girl items.  I simply smiled at this request and knew INSTANTLY what I needed to make for this soon-to-be 7th grader!  She picked out the fabrics, we sat and drew out the design together and she spent the rest of the evening popping up by my sewing machine between games and you-tube music videos to watch the progress being made, all the while "Oohing" and "Ahhing" as I created away.  

It is the PERFECT size for all her needs.  I love the color combinations and the girly ruffle gives the bag a nice POP of color and texture.  The white and silver glitter buttons are layered and gives this wristlet some extra "Bling" and "Sparkle" to bring it alive.

The look on her face when she finally saw it finished was priceless!  
She LOVED it and started using it right away!

Good Luck in 7th grade, Sweetie!  I hope this year is as FABULOUS as you are!
<3 you,

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